[Screenshot of PSFPOP3]

Setting it up

Since the process of setting up the application is not as straightforward as some people would hope, the setup instructions are available on another page or as a downloadable PDF-document. To view the PDF-file, you need an application like Acrobat Reader.

If you're having trouble with the application, this is a good place to start. Most of the problems are caused by incorrect setup.

Recent changes


Due to the increased problems with floodmailing worms (Swen, Bugbear, Fizzer and others that have similar spreading tactics), I implemented a new handler for such messages (well, on my opinion they are nothing but irritating mail, and because PSFPOP3 can do something about them, why shouldn't it). The message is intercepted and the original message included as an attachement with some guidelines for how to act with messages containing suspicious attachements. Also the subject of the message is altered so that users can make rules on their mail clients not to download such messages from PSFPOP3 and thus saving precious bandwidth (this has no use for people running PSFPOP3 on the same machine they use to read their mail, but for me who runs around with a laptop and sometimes is forced to using slow dialup connections this is a blessing).

It should be noted that even with this new functionality, people should still use up-to-date anti-virus software for protection - PSFPOP3 is not intended as one; it doesn't do any further virus scanning on the file, it just supposes unpacked executable files sent as attachements to be something worth stopping (on the other hand, who would send an unpacked executable through eMail? I can't figure why someone would do such a thing).

Known bugs

There are currently no actual bugs that are known. Some things in the layout appear not entirely the way they're intended on platforms using "Large Fonts", but this is more of a feature than a bug - I will fix it eventually but right now correcting the differences in appearance are not very high on the to-do-list. :-p

Unknown bugs

If you encounter a bug using this application, please report it to me at

Hold on - what's the price?

Everybody using this program is granted a free right to use it. No other rights are passed - you should also check the legal mumbo-jumbo below.

Let's make this clear. I'm not selling this program to You or anybody else for that matter. Furthermore, I'm not taking any money from people who choose to use it. As the copyrightholder, among other rights I keep myself the right to change my mind anytime and possibly start charging a small amount of money from people who use this application - at present, if you so wish, you could give some money to some charity work. :)

Legal mumbo-jumbo

You are not allowed to make this application available for download on any other site than this one. Link here; after all - this is the Internet, linking is easy. However, you are not allowed to link directly to the ZIP-package. Every link must be pointed into this page exclusively.

You agree that the program is offered to the Public without warranty and is offered as-is. The Author takes no responsibility implied or otherwise to the loss/damage of data or information. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.