Traktor PTS (Pseudo Timecode Synthesizer) v0.2

The file is here. Free to use for any purpose, no warranties expressed or implied, suitability for intended use not guaranteed. It's nothing more than a toy (hehe, my own toy-traktor... I've always wanted one of those).

Download, unzip, plug your primary soundcard output to Audio8 (or Audio 4 or any other Traktor Scratch Certified product's) input, set Traktor up, start the application and play with it a little while...

I know there's quite a bit of latency (this depends quite a lot of your primary audio device's capabilities) - I haven't even tried to do much to prevent that; this application was not intended to be a "serious application". I simply did it to learn a few new tricks ... and to spend some time without boring myself to death.

Although I originally designed the application to control Traktor Scratch Pro, in theory, you can use the application to control "any" timecode driven application (only requirement is that the timecode's frequency is in the 1kHz-2kHz range) by messing with the settings under "File - Preferences". Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to test the Serato Scratch Live-preference myself because I don't have the necessary Rane hardware. If you find something strange in the defaults, drop me a line at ... my mailbox is always open :)